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Who's Stu?

When Snake laughs at Stu for not knowing what colour he is, Stu turns to his friends to find out and learns something else along the way. 

Picture Book for young readers

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Eddie the Careful Cat

When Eddie has yet another accident he decides he's had enough. No more adventures for him!. But what exactly does a daredevil like Eddie do when he can't be daring?

A fun picture book for all ages.

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Available on Amazon.

Maisie's Mountain 

Maisie loves things and just can't stop collecting them. Very soon she'll run out of room to put them. What will happen then? A humorous bedtime tale for younger readers about having too much stuff. Do you have a little hoarder in your family? Then read on..

The Springboard Book

Do you love writing stories but sometimes get stuck? Perhaps, it is pictures not words that get your ideas flowing. If so, then this book is for you. Inside are 12 images from stories that are still locked inside your head. A collection of lost characters and places to follow. Only you know how the story began and how it all ends. Aimed at young writers but for anyone who loves writing.

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¿Quién Es Stu?

edición español

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¿Qui és Stu?

edición valenciano

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Poo!What Is That Smell?

A colloboration by brother/sister Glenn (author) and Lorna Murphy (illustrator) Both gross and informative, this book tells you everything you've ever wanted to know about the five senses. Find out which animal has the biggest eyes, what's inside your ear canals, why sweaty socks smell so stinky, , why we can touch and feel things, and lots more! For 7+

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