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'Stu' the chameleon with a identity crisis.

I have had such a great reaction to my little chameleon, Stu, when I released him and his jungle friends into the world last Christmas in my picture book 'Who's Stu?'.

This little story of being made to feel small because someone else measured him by their own standards really struck a chord with people. Everyone seems to be under so much pressure these days to live up to a label that has been placed on them, be the ambassador for it or worse, they feel they don't fit in anywhere because some labels are deemed more acceptable than others.

If an ad man were to profile me for the purposes of marketing this is what I would probably look like:

Female, middle-aged, straight, atheist, white, lower-middle-class, townie, well-educated, British/English, low disposable income.

An attempt at character-traits/interests might go something like: wine-lover/bookish/culturevulture.

What have you learned about me? A bit. But almost nothing about my character, my abiltiies, my dreams, my passions or what makes me tick. (And it's important to remember that these are LABELS , classifications for marketing people - NOT valid units of measurement for societal status or how successful a person is!!)

Some people pin their whole identity around a single quality about themselves:, their sexual orientation, their religious belief, their skin colour, their politics, their nationality, their disability, their perceived status - and they forget to pay attention to the rest. We are each of us the sum of our parts, a unique cocktail of different qualities that no other person can duplicate. Of course, I understand the need to belong: for years I struggled to fit in until I found my tribe. Apart from being a huge relief to find that you're not actually THAT weird, finding like minds to discuss your passions with is so important and lifeaffirming! BUT don't make that commonality ALL you are. Like Stu, you are each of you so much more than any one label. You're uniquely YOU! Embrace it.

to buy your copy of 'Who's Stu?' click here: https://www.amazon.com/Whos-Stu-Lorna-Murphy/dp/0956866689/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1549192090&sr=8-2&keywords=who%27s+stu

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