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Three in row!

What a busy Autumn and Winter it's been.

The great thing about being an illustrator, particularly for children, is that you get to work on such a variety of projects. I've been lucky enough to work three very different books, two of which are now available on Amazon and one will be released very very soon.

First is Carol Winner's 'What Do I Do with my Hugs', a lovely little story about a little girl who loves her Aunt Mimi - especially her hugs, so is very confused when Mimi suddenly stops hugging her. A lovely opportunity for me to dream up images of rural Midwest through the seasons.

Second is Brian Chapman's funny story of two budding canine detectives, Superdog and Grumpy who have to save their friend Ella the poodle from danger. I had a great time drawing lots of dogs and trying to capture their very different characters through movement and expressions and also the humorous very New York feel of the text.

Look out for these two here.

The third one is Andy Hardman's funtale of a very different character 'Flying Alan' in ' The Listen Lesson' which is due out very shortly so I will tell you more when the time comes. But here's a preview..

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